“Thank you SO MUCH!  They were incredible.  We were all absolutely blown away with the amount of detail you had put in.  AND they were delicious.”

Charlotte, Islington

“The cakes are wicked! You are so clever.”

Amanda, Bucks

“Completely brilliant.  Thanks so much you have done such a great job I really didn’t want to let anyone cut them!”

Clair, Bristol

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing cake it looked so impressive and tasted delicious, it was a big hit with everyone.”

Vicki, Sheen

“They are absolutely beautiful and delicious!  My daughter wants to tell you she loves them lots and lots!”

Kate, Barnes

“All in all I have been very happy and impressed with your service and product and wish you much success.  Many thanks for a job very well done!”

Julie, Shropshire

“Just wanted to say that the cakes were amaaaaazing.  Thank you very much.”

Nisha, London

“Thank you for the gorgeous babygro cookies you sent.  They were the most beautiful and personal of any of the gifts we received.”

Elizabeth, Cambridge

“Oh my god the cupcakes are beyond amazing.  My daughter was so stunned by them that she couldn’t speak. Thank you”

Rosie, London

“New year cakes were an enormous success and much admired.  They also tasted absolutely delicious.   I only have praise to feed back to you.  You are soooo clever.”

Lizzie, London

“Top-notch chocolate-orange brownie - thanks so much for the box of goodies!”

Sarah, London

“The light sabre was an enormous roaring success - evidenced by it all being gone by the end of the next day.  Of course it looked fab but I think your particular strength is all your cakes are so utterly tasty and divine.  It was superb and you are so very talented.”

Lizzie, London

“The cakes you did for my birthday yesterday looked and tasted amazing, thank you so much for them, a really special personal present, seemed a shame to eat them!”

Paul, The Chalfonts


''A box of goodies is an inspired idea so that you get a taste of all that she makes. I took a box home as a Christmas treat and it lasted approx 10 mins as it was devoured and enjoyed by all the family. A delicious box of delights.''

Joanna, Fulham

"The cupcakes and cake were so wonderful, we had no leftovers!  I maintain your cupcakes are tastier than all of the ones I've tried!”

Chrissy, London

Thank you so much Helen for the beautiful cupcakes you made for my Mum’s birthday.  She was absolutely delighted with them and they were quickly devoured by all the guests at her birthday lunch.  We all thought they were delicious and they looked gorgeous.”

Christina, Muswell Hill

© Copyright 2009 The Poppyseed Bakery

“...an enormous roaring success”


“...looked and tasted amazing”

“...utterly tasty and divine”

“You are my new best friend!!”



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